How To Prepare To Sell Your Business

Starting up a business is a big leap of faith. It is always risky, and not every business will always result in success. Every business owner must be prepared for this worst scenario and should not be ashamed of facing this situation. Being prepared will always save you from business losses.

One of the most common options to avoid a huge business loss is to sell your business. This article will be a helpful reference to know how to prepare to sell your business. 

How Will You Know if it is the Right Time to Sell Your Business 

Some business owners are trying to hang on with running up their business. Having the assumption of getting back on track, they did not notice that it would only lead to a worse situation. Here are the things to consider to know that you need to sell your business: 

Your business is not hitting up the target.

Businesses always have their daily and monthly target sales. Target sales are one of the parameters used in assessing if your business is doing well. If you think that you are not hitting up at least 70% of the target sales, guess it is time that you need to review your business performance. 

You are losing your interest.

It is for sure that aside from your business, there are also times that you are struggling to build up yourself and also experiencing personal struggles. If you notice that you are not having the same energy and passion with what you have started, you may try to take a pause and reflect if you still want to continue, if you need a rest, or if you need to look for someone who wants to buy and continue your business. Consult a business expert to help you with how to prepare to sell your business.

You are falling into lots of debts..

Borrowing money to start a business is fine because you can pay for that borrowed money once you start earning. But if you notice that you are more on borrowing money to survive your business, that is the time that you need to accept the fact that your business is not working anymore. You may consider starting to look for business buyers.

What are the Things to Prepare in Selling Your Business? 

Most business buyers are meticulous when it comes to putting their money into the business. Do not be surprised by this because it is a usual approach. To avoid hassle and too many questions, you should be prepared with the following: 

Prepare Your Legal and Business Papers 

When you are planning to sell your business, the first thing that you should put on top of your list is to prepare and organize all your legal and business papers. Your business permits, incorporation papers, vendor contracts, and so on must be ready and in order. 

Know the Value of Your Business

Another important step you should take when you plan to sell your business is to know the worth of your business. It can give you an idea if you can sell your business at a high price or if your business is low value. Visit an expert to get a business valuation. It is best to go to an expert so they can provide you a detailed report and explanation about the value of your business. It will also increase the credibility once you presented it to the buyer.

Prepare The 3-5 Years Financial Records

Yes, you should be prepared with the past 3-5 years of clean financial records of your business. Why is that long? Here are the reasons why you must present clean financial records:

  • Buyers usually look for this to see your business’s success from the past years. Buyers who are more knowledgeable in business handling do not refer to last month’s performance. They focus more on how your business has done in the past years.
  • Buyers can also know when the business is at its peak and when the business is struggling using your clean financial records.
  • Financial record is also their basis in negotiating the amount of money to pay you for buying your business. You can also deal with how much you can sell your business, the terms of payment, and other matters using your clean financial records. 

How Can You Keep on Track with Your Financial Records?

Here are some of the tips to ensure that you keep complete and clean financial records:

Have regular monitoring of inventories

Keeping up inventory records will help you to prepare more accurate financial records. Make sure that you compile a soft and hard copy of your inventory sheet. For the hard copy, keep it in a safe place away from water or fire to avoid loss of records if an accident may happen.

Secure all the receipts 

Whatever you purchase for your business, make sure that you secure a copy of the receipts. Take a picture of it or scan it for compilation purposes. Make sure that the actual dates of purchase and the number of items are visible in the receipt.


The things mentioned above are only the primary steps in preparing your business for sale. Selling a business is still a long process, and it requires legal action and documentation. For now, try to work on the clean financial records. It may sound easy because those are only paperwork, but if you started compiling those records earlier, it would lessen the hassle and the possibility of having incomplete information. 

Remember that selling your business is not a failure at all. Instead, it is an excellent way to save you from putting too much energy and effort into the things that are not meant for you. Use this experience for your next journey of starting up a business again.

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