Business Overview

Fast growing casual gourmet pizza cafe located in Denton county has been listed for your acquisition. Located right next to a well-known, nationwide grocery chain and surrounded by luxurious apartment complex and other national retailers, this establishment is a shining example that the best foundation for nourishing a healthy customer base is location. This 2, 400 SF gourmet pizzeria is nestled between affluent neighborhoods, highly concentrated residential areas, and strong retail market. Directly across the street from this business is a luxurious apartment that houses hundreds of residences. The customer base is predominantly upper-middle-class Caucasian families peppered with other minorities with similar social standings. Financial trends also have a promising trajectory. 2020’s gross monthly average revenue was around $60,000 a month, with annual revenue of $720,000. Fast forward to 2021, and the annual revenue was around $920,000. 76% of all revenue has consisted of delivery and carry-out orders, showing that even amongst the pandemic, sales have been favorable. Due to the increase of pick up orders, less in-house staff is needed to maintain the operation of the business. The exterior and interior are well-groomed and maintain an air of comfortable refinement. The restaurant features a covered outdoor patio which can accommodate up to 15 guests. All major equipment in kitchen is in excellent condition. This restaurant’s flagship dish is its specialty pizzas; it also serves pasta, desserts, salads, wings, and sandwiches. Serving variations of high-quality dishes other than pizza is the x-factor that distinguishes this pizzeria from its immediate competitors. With all the good things that can be said about this establishment, there will always be room for improvement. The new owner can apply for a TABC liquor license to take advantage of the current vacancy in the alcoholic beverage industry and have an immediate effect on the generation of new sources of revenue. Proactive advertising to capitalize on the surrounding residential hubs could have a quick and direct impact on sales. The current owner have done some door-to-door advertisement in neighborhoods which has turned out to be highly effective. Event catering to churches or offices is the area that can be promoted to boost revenues.

Listing ID #001146
For more info, please call Moon Kim at 1-866-519-2421.


  • Asking Price: $750,000
  • Cash Flow: $305,081
  • Gross Revenue: $913,968
  • FF&E: $75,000
  • Inventory: $10,000
  • Inventory Included: Yes
  • Established: 2014

Detailed Information

  • Property Owned or Leased:N/A
  • Property Included:N/A
  • Building Square Footage:N/A
  • Lot Size:N/A
  • Total Number of Employees:2
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment:N/A
About The Facility:

This establishment is located in a 2,400 SF retail strip center in Denton county.

Is Support & Training Included:

The owner will provide sufficient training for an agreed-upon period to make the transition into the business as seamless as possible.

Purpose For Selling:


Pros and Cons:

Other delivery pizza chains are within the immediate market area but fail to meet the quality of this establishment.

Opportunities and Growth:

Personalized local advertisements for the business will create new revenue streams and will be hugely beneficial to the growth of sales. Owner involvement in marketing and operational functions would lower operational costs and thus creating potential growth.

Established Franchise:

This Business Is An Established Franchise

Additional Info

The company was founded in 2014, making the business 8 years old.
The deal shall include inventory valued at $10,000, which is included in the suggested price.

Why is the Current Owner Selling The Business?

There are all kinds of reasons individuals resolve to sell operating businesses. Nonetheless, the genuine factor vs the one they tell you may be 2 totally different things. For instance, they might say "I have too many various obligations" or "I am retiring". For lots of sellers, these factors are valid. However, for some, these might just be reasons to try to hide the reality of changing demographics, increased competitors, current reduction in revenues, or an array of other reasons. This is why it is really vital that you not count totally on a seller's word, yet instead, make use of the vendor's response in conjunction with your total due diligence. This will repaint a much more reasonable image of the business's existing scenario.

Existing Debts and Future Obligations

If the current business is in debt, which lots of businesses are, then you will certainly need to consider this when valuating/preparing your offer. Many companies take out loans so as to cover things like supplies, payroll, accounts payable, etc. Keep in mind that occasionally this can suggest that revenue margins are too tight. Many organisations come under a revolving door of taking loans as a way to pay back other loans. In addition to debts, there may additionally be future obligations to take into consideration. There might be an outstanding lease on equipment or the structure where the business resides. The business may have existing agreements with suppliers that have to be met or might cause fines if terminated early.

Understanding the Customer Base, Competition and Area Demographics

How do companies in the location bring in new consumers? Most times, businesses have repeat customers, which form the core of their day-to-day profits. Certain aspects such as brand-new competitors growing up around the location, roadway building and construction, and also staff turnover can impact repeat consumers as well as adversely impact future profits. One essential point to consider is the area of the business. Is it in a highly trafficked shopping center, or is it hidden from the main road? Undoubtedly, the more individuals that see the business often, the higher the opportunity to build a returning client base. A last thought is the basic area demographics. Is the business located in a largely populated city, or is it situated on the outside border of town? Just how might the neighborhood mean family earnings influence future income prospects?