Do You Need A Business Broker To Sell Your Business?

Whether you are a small or big business owner, there comes a time when you must make a huge decision to sell it off to a new owner that can continue your business or transform it into something better. How do you know if you are selling it at the right price? This is the perfect time you ask yourself, “Do you need a business broker to sell your business?”

This section will help you learn more about business brokers, the advantages of getting one, and how to find the right one for you.

Business Brokers

Before you can answer your question if do you need a business broker to sell your business, you need to know what a business broker is. A business broker is usually called a “middle man” or a “buffer” between you, the seller, and prospective buyers. They are the bridge to an effective sale of your business. Business brokers are knowledgeable of the stock market, and they are experts on what paperwork to file to make each deal go smoothly. Having an experienced viewpoint from a business broker will help you realign your price in selling your business.

Benefits of Hiring Business Brokers

You may still have second thoughts on hiring a business broker. You sacrificed your time and money in investing in your business, and it might be difficult to trust someone else to sell it for you. Do not worry, as business brokers are efficient and professional when it comes to work and business. Here are a few advantages if you hire one. 

Professional and Quality Marketing 

A good business broker takes time to study and create an effective and efficient quality “Comprehensive Business Review” or CBR. This outlines all the crucial details of your business. Also, a well-trained business broker has the expertise and knowledge on how to effectively market various business opportunities to attract numerous prospective buyers. You can ask for a sample of a CBR if you plan to hire a business broker. 

Effective Pricing 

One can only get so trigger-happy in hiking up the selling price of one’s business; however, too high a value may put off interested sellers. You would not want that. So, this is where the advantage of getting a business broker comes in. Business brokers have the right connection where they get their market data sources that are surely reliable. With this, they can help you set a fair price for your business. Besides, you deserve the right price for all your hard work! 


You might be worried that once you put a “For Sale” sign for your business, people will flock and ask for information. You do not have to worry about for confidential matters to leak. Business brokers are “buffers.” One of the ways done by a business broker is to get a prospective buyer to sign a non-disclosure agreement before sharing information about your business. 


Having a business broker managing the selling of your business will give you more time to run it without worrying whether there are buyers. Being a businessman, there are other things to do as well, not only running the business. You can even enjoy your time with your family and friends while the broker handles things professionally.


Finally, business brokers rely on their years of experience to anticipate the pros and cons of a potential business deal. They can check if there will be a potential problem that you have to deal with before a negotiation is sealed. Business brokers can give you the best advice.

Are Business Brokers Costly?

Another thing to consider if do you need a business broker to sell your business is how much a business broker charges for his services. Usually, it is 5-12% of the business price. However, business brokers in different States have a fixed commission rate of $12,000 to $15,000. There can also be upfront fees that depend on the deal or business being sold, and it ranges from $2,000 to $20,000. It may look too pricey, but for one to sell a business properly and successfully, a business broker is the best solution. 

Finding A Business Broker

So, do you need a business broker to sell your business in the market? It all depends on you. Two tips in choosing a business broker—first, make sure you two have great chemistry, meaning your communication is constant and well. Second, always check newspaper ads, yellow pages and even ask for referrals. Find the best business broker that can negotiate on your behalf and seal the deal professionally.


You can always ask yourself this same question repeatedly—Do you need a business broker to sell your business. For the successful selling of your business, there is no question that you do need one. It may be costly, but you need to put some risk to make sure you sell it at the right price and get the return you deserve. Again, it all depends on you! Take into consideration the many benefits and find a business broker once you make that big decision.

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