Business Overview

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This is a premier gym focusing on personal training. The Company goal is to educate people on the importance of creating a strong health and wellness foundation for themselves; mind, body, and soul. For over 15 years the Company has assembled an outstanding collection of coaches, trainers, and instructors to guide clients through a variety of programs that will lead them to their fitness and performance goals.

The Company premises is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to meet anyone’s fitness goals. The Company provides the client with the tools to meet his or her needs in a space that they can enjoy being present in. With the top team of trainers in the State this business has a solid and reliable income stream and a large following of loyal long terms clients.

The weight room offers state-of-the-art, multi-functional Freemotion Fitness equipment, as well as a wide range of free weights, Power Lift cages, Hammer Strength equipment, a Vertimax plyometric trainer, a MVP power glide Shuttle, medicine balls, kettle bells and more.

Precor elliptical machines, Cyclops stationary bikes, and Woodway treadmills came out winners in the Company research as the best possible cardio equipment. The facility features all of these things plus a Super-G Treadmill and a Woodway Curve treadmill.

Upon re-opening after the Coronavirus shutdown in 2020, the owners have redesigned the program schedule and offerings to focus on the customer during this period with the result that both 2020 & 2021 year-end results were more profitable than 2019. With further cost savings already identified, owners believe that 2022 should be the most profitable year yet.

Please Note: Potential buyers will be asked to complete buyer registration, sign a non-disclosure, interview with broker and provide evidence of the means to complete a transaction of this size before additional confidential information will be provided.


  • Asking Price: $779,000
  • Cash Flow: $302,000
  • Gross Revenue: $878,000
  • FF&E: N/A
  • Inventory: $10,000
  • Inventory Included: N/A
  • Established: 2006

Detailed Information

  • Property Owned or Leased:N/A
  • Property Included:N/A
  • Building Square Footage:N/A
  • Lot Size:N/A
  • Total Number of Employees:N/A
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment:N/A
About The Facility:


Is Support & Training Included:

Seller will provide effective training and knowledge transfer to the Buyer in all matters relating to Company operations.

Purpose For Selling:

Relocation for Family Needs.

Pros and Cons:

There are other suppliers of similar services that serve these markets.

Opportunities and Growth:

It would be possible to expand the programs offered and to increase training capacity by hiring additional trainers within the current facilities.

Additional Info

The business was established in 2006, making the business 16 years old.
The sale won't include inventory valued at $10,000*, which ins't included in the asking price.

Why is the Current Owner Selling The Business?

There are all kinds of reasons people choose to sell businesses. However, the genuine factor and the one they say to you may be 2 totally different things. As an example, they might state "I have way too many other responsibilities" or "I am retiring". For many sellers, these factors are valid. But, for some, these may just be reasons to attempt to conceal the reality of transforming demographics, increased competition, recent decrease in earnings, or a range of various other factors. This is why it is very important that you not depend absolutely on a seller's word, yet instead, make use of the vendor's answer combined with your total due diligence. This will paint an extra sensible picture of the business's current circumstance.

Existing Debts and Future Obligations

If the existing entity is in debt, which numerous businesses are, then you will need to consider this when valuating/preparing your offer. Numerous operating businesses finance loans with the purpose of covering things such as supplies, payroll, accounts payable, etc. Remember that sometimes this can indicate that earnings margins are too small. Numerous organisations fall into a revolving door of taking loans as a way to pay back various other loans. Along with debts, there may also be future obligations to take into consideration. There might be an outstanding lease on equipment or the building where the business resides. The business may have existing contracts with vendors that have to be met or may cause charges if terminated early.

Understanding the Customer Base, Competition and Area Demographics

Just how do companies in the location attract new consumers? Often times, companies have repeat consumers, which develop the core of their daily revenues. Certain aspects such as brand-new competitors sprouting up around the area, roadway construction, and also personnel turnover can impact repeat customers and also adversely impact future profits. One essential thing to consider is the placement of the business. Is it in a very trafficked shopping center, or is it concealed from the main road? Obviously, the more people that see the business regularly, the better the opportunity to develop a returning consumer base. A last thought is the basic area demographics. Is the business located in a densely populated city, or is it situated on the outside border of town? How might the local typical household income effect future revenue prospects?