Business Overview

30-year established well-known full-service family style American restaurant with a full bar serving hearty made to order breakfast, lunch, and dinner is available for acquisitions. This business was originally established in 1992 by the current owner and was later acquired by the current owner in 2006. The business was originally a 1,200 SF diner and since the current owner acquired the business 15 years ago, the owner made a dramatic expansion to nearly 4,850 SF to expand the dining area to accommodate much more patrons. The bar was added by the original owner in 2003 to increase the overall sales and since the acquisition, the current owner concentrated on the quality of the food and customer service and was able to increase the overall revenue by threefold. This business is occupied in a 5,000 SF free-standing building near a major highway surrounded by low to middle income single family homes and industrial warehouses. The customers consist of a wide variety of demographics and over 90% of the customers are regulars that have been coming for decades and visits multiple times each week. This business serves a variety of quality, prepared fresh daily in the morning, and fresh made to order ranging from daily specials, breakfast specials and combos, lunch specials, salads, homemade soups, burgers, sandwiches, Tex-Mex, grilled food such as steaks and pork chops, seafood, and desserts. Not much marketing or advertising are in place since the majority of the customers are regulars and word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing. To potentially acquire new customers, the new owner may utilize social networking sites to gain more online presence within the younger generation. Over the last several years, the sales have been increasing 5-8% annually and the average annual sales have been approximately $2 million with the only exception of 2020, which was still around $1.7 million and 2021 is expected to exceed 2020 revenue and be closer to pre-pandemic revenue. The business has evolved since the pandemic, mainly minimizing alcohol sales and halting the live music stage. When the live music and a full bar were in place, the alcohol sales itself was $25,000-$30,000/month. This business is also not utilizing any third-party delivery services or online ordering system from its website. The dine-in and food sales generate sufficient revenue, but by restoring the live music scene, hiring a bartender for full bar service, and implementing the third-party delivery services, there is a lot more potential for the business grow tremendously. The majority of the employees have been with the business for 10 years, including 3 cooks that have been with the business for the last 13 years. This business if fully staffed with experience and knowledge and essentially runs the business with minimal owner involvement. The owner is mainly involved in higher management level, such as payroll and bookkeeping, but stays around the business just to oversee the business and keeping good relationships with the customers. This business is fully-staffed with competent staff, well-known and respected by the community for its quality food and service, and has everything in place for the next buyer to continue enjoy its financial success with a lot more potential for growth.

Listing ID #001091
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  • Asking Price: $949,000
  • Cash Flow: $534,375
  • Gross Revenue: $2,472,861
  • FF&E: $150,000
  • Inventory: $15,000
  • Inventory Included: Yes
  • Established: 1992

Detailed Information

  • Property Owned or Leased:N/A
  • Property Included:N/A
  • Building Square Footage:N/A
  • Lot Size:N/A
  • Total Number of Employees:22
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment:N/A
About The Facility:

This business is located in a 4,850 SF free standing building near the major highway. All major equipment is in excellent condition as the owner constantly replaces and/or upgrades before incurring major repairs and maintenance costs.

Is Support & Training Included:

The owner will provide sufficient training for an agreed-upon period to make the transition into the business as seamless as possible.

Purpose For Selling:


Pros and Cons:

There is one similar restaurant nearby but is only open for breakfast and lunch. This business is the only type of restaurant that has been running for 30 years and there is no competition in the immediate area that could compete with its quality of food, price, and customer service.

Opportunities and Growth:

There is minimal marketing in place other than its own website. More online and social networking sites presence may possibly help to acquire new customers, but the most effective marketing and advertising have been referrals and word of mouth. Currently, the business is not offering any online ordering services or deliveries. Implementing online ordering on its website and offering third-party delivery services will immediately increase the overall revenue. Also, despite having a full bar and a live music stage, neither is being utilized. Hiring a qualified bartender and promoting live music scene will also help increase overall revenue.

Additional Info

The venture was established in 1992, making the business 30 years old.
The transaction shall include inventory valued at $15,000, which is included in the listing price.

Why is the Current Owner Selling The Business?

There are all types of reasons why individuals decide to sell operating businesses. However, the true reason vs the one they tell you may be 2 entirely different things. As an example, they may say "I have too many various commitments" or "I am retiring". For numerous sellers, these reasons stand. But, for some, these may simply be excuses to try to conceal the reality of changing demographics, increased competitors, current reduction in revenues, or a range of other factors. This is why it is very crucial that you not rely totally on a vendor's word, yet instead, use the vendor's solution in conjunction with your general due diligence. This will repaint a much more sensible image of the business's current situation.

Existing Debts and Future Obligations

If the current entity is in debt, which lots of businesses are, then you will have reason to consider this when valuating/preparing your deal. Many operating businesses finance loans so as to cover points like inventory, payroll, accounts payable, so on and so forth. Remember that occasionally this can mean that profit margins are too tight. Numerous businesses come under a revolving door of taking on debt as a way to pay back other loans. Along with debts, there may additionally be future obligations to consider. There might be an outstanding lease on equipment or the structure where the business resides. The business might have existing agreements with vendors that should be satisfied or may lead to penalties if terminated early.

Understanding the Customer Base, Competition and Area Demographics

Just how do operating businesses in the location draw in brand-new consumers? Most times, businesses have repeat customers, which create the core of their day-to-day revenues. Certain factors such as brand-new competitors growing up around the location, roadway building, and also staff turn over can influence repeat customers and also adversely impact future revenues. One essential point to take into consideration is the area of the business. Is it in a very trafficked shopping center, or is it hidden from the highway? Certainly, the more individuals that see the business regularly, the better the chance to construct a returning customer base. A last thought is the basic location demographics. Is the business placed in a densely inhabited city, or is it located on the edge of town? Just how might the regional median family earnings impact future revenue potential?