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How It Works

Do you know someone who is looking to buy a business? Do you know someone who is looking to sell their business?

Click Here to become an affiliate with Bizharbor and we will pay you a 15% referral commission for you referral if the transaction is completed and the deal is closed.

Once your referral is sold, or if your referral buys a business, you will receive an email notification as well as a compensation check. You will receive 15% of the commission for the listing, just for making an easy referral.

How an Affiliate Can Earn a Great Living:

Sale Price: $3,500,000
Commission: $350,000

Your referral Fee: 15% of Our Commission Fee

Your Check: $52,500!

Just for Referring ONE Business for Sale!

Affiliates Instantly Gain Access To:

Easy To Use Dashboard

Our all-inclusive solution allows your customers to track their employees’ hours, assign and manage tasks, schedule shifts, and manage payroll reports– all from within one platform.

Trusted By All Industries

Over 100,000 businesses have trusted Time Clock Wizard to schedule and track their employees time and payroll.

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